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Nothing pisses me off more than when someone says, “I’m just not attracted to Asian men.” I’ve heard these words come out of seemingly bright and well-intentioned women’s mouths — women of all ethnicities, including Asian — and in the Bay Area, where over one-third of the population is Asian, no less.

When I point out that it’s discriminatory — no, to exclude an entire race from your dating preferences, they shrug as if it’s something that just can’t be helped. Especially because I’m an Asian woman who happens to be dating a white guy.

Even the way they date and what they look for in the opposite sex is different — Chairman Mao had something to say about this: But I’m going to come right out and say that this is probably not 100% of the truth.

I mean, look at all the foreign guys in general, ones from Europe for instance. , even though you are 50% German 😛 “The reality that I find every German man between the ages of 20 and 40 attractive.

Especially when they’re walking around Frankfurt in their gorgeous business suits looking so… “ They have accents, different cultural experiences and don’t grow up in the same environments either.