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But Roethlisberger, 34, can carve out his own late-career plan, which he appeared to be doing last offseason by shedding about 10 pounds with a cardio-heavy routine.

The Steelers still believe Roethlisberger has two to three more prime years left.

One of the many charming things about Tom Pecheux, makeup artist of glamour and renown—of legendary Tom Ford campaigns and spectacular Chanel runways—is that he didn't grow up obsessed with fashion and beauty. "I never saw my mother reading a fashion magazine," he recalls.

"And I never looked at one." But Pecheux ended up in the clubs.

But the people he saw—the "night birds," the dark and spectacular creatures—they were magical. One of these creatures was a makeup artist, a profession the then pastry chef didn't even know existed. Today he's relaxing after another epic Chanel show, set in Brasserie Gabrielle and featuring two distinct makeup styles. I've sent Pecheux a picture of me—it looks slightly like a mug shot, but I'm holding a Chanel bag, for loyalty.