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Believe it or not, it's been almost two years since we first learned that Pauly D and Aubrey O'Day are dating.

Neither is really much of a household name at this point in their respective careers, but they're still famous enough to qualify for the VH1 reality show Pauly doesn't have the greatest track record with monogamy, by which we mean he's basically a walking, fist-pumping STD.

Other than his signature blowout, Pauly D looked more like a maturing businessman than a young Vegas DJ as he walked into the St.

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The first season had five special episodes, with some airing after select episodes.

Several after hours specials have aired on MTV following select episodes along with various specials.

"We were still strangers by the end and now we live together. He knows that and we made sure that's the page we were both on in the beginning." Amazingly, Pauly didn't just shout out, "Busted big time!

We had to find ways to communicate where we weren't offending each other or triggering each other." At that point in the interview, Pauly D chimes in, and we're pretty sure he thinks "communicating" is a euphemism for boning: "I never communicated so much in my life! " and bolt for the door: "We're looking forward to the next steps," says the 36-year-old DJ.

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