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Here is how a few of them describe working with Jesse on the 'Ex-Coast Choppers' page: "I left a good job, working for nestle for 7 years to being tortured everyday by a certain sh*tbag aka our boss for almost 4 years.

Let's face it: there are some crazy people out there.

It’s a second attempt at love for the pair, who first hooked up in 2007.

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Guess this game of Kat and Mau5 wasn't meant to be.

On the heels of the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez breakup, reality star Kat Von D has split with electronic music titan Deadmau5, according to reports.

Nobody on Earth thinks Garver is a liar, if you want out of this situation, you have to make good with Garver– for He is the only man that can clear your name.

Sueing won’t help you either– you must prosecute in the court of public opinion, with Garver as your witness… Let me try to finish “cleaning out my closet”– I travelled to roughly sixteen countries with Carolla, and got him laid in just about every one of them.

And why’d you delete Orbi and make Nikki such a big deal? He doesn’t like liars either, and your panties get to easily twisted up in a bitchy, mad-for-no-reason bunch for you to last so much as three weeks with him.