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Burke and his girlfriend of the time were on a break so he decided he would take out his second favorite girl -- that cute junior from AP Psych who had been coming to a lot of the football parties -- Ms. A few days later, Burke attended Jesse's surprise birthday party, flowers in hand. Distance from Burke's fraternity house to Jesse's dorm Unanue Hall: 6.2 miles. " After a few minutes, Jesse and Burke move to texts, still using one another's numbers stored away since their college days years ago.With such a short distance separating him from an old flame, Burke decided to pay Jesse a visit. But there is still a problem: it's Sunday night and they may both be in Frederick now but Jesse has an early train (Acela!We simply realized that, individually, our next steps take us in different directions." Jese Palmer is a decent man who doesn't want the media to display his personal life.

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As Burke's Saturday night came to a close, he plopped down on his parents' couch, and clicked on his new favorite time-killing i Phone app -- Tinder. Jesse and Burke's close friends Chris and Liz Aceto weren't arriving until Friday so Wednesday, July 22, 2015 was to be their date night.

Burke thought he was slick, with a photographer on call (thanks, Rob!

Via many late-night IM chats between truheadterp and CUAdncrsweeti, they made their plans and Burke hopped a few stops on the Green and Red lines for a movie date. Jesse seemed to consider it more of a "movie appointment." Halfway through the movie, watched by the two of them on her mini-two-in-one-DVD-TV from her dorm room single bed, Jesse turns to Burke and says, "I have a boyfriend." Movie appointment over. she was excited) to NYC and Burke had be back in Baltimore early in the AM to work. Eh, Jesse had to work Saturday night and Thursday was Burke's favorite holiday -- the 4th of July. Burke bought what would be the first of many, many Bolt Bus tickets for Baltimore-NYC travel and hit the road on July 5th.

A couple years later, as Jesse was living just a mile or two away from College Park, Jesse and Burke continued their seemingly star-crossed path with loads of reparte-filled texts, planning (but never following through on) plans to meet at Cornerstone or Bentley's. The next evening, after a weekend of fun in Paw-Paw left her tired (and eaten alive by bugs), Jesse sat her at mom's house for a relaxing Sunday night before catching an AM train back to NYC. Jesse picked up Burke from Penn Station and the night (or weekend? A nice dinner at a Tom Colicchio restaurant in New York's Meat-Packing district, a walk on the High Line (with ice cream, of course), and several drinks at Le Cheile in Washington Heights, made a perfect second first date.

However, he didn't propose Jessica instead Jesse presented her with a one-way first class ticket to New York.