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This week, 90210 season 3 delivers more drama and more cliffhangers that will leave you craving more.

Still, after the countless times we’ve sworn this episode will be our last (empty threats, obviously), and after all the eye-rolling drama, we’re a little sad to see the show go.

So, as a final farewell, we’ve decided to completely geek out and assemble a retrospective of some of the series’ most ridiculous plot points across all 5 seasons (yes, we watched ’em all, no judgement).

But Annie isn’t too pleased with having her former almost-boyfriend hanging around the house. Liam tries to woo her with his attempt to cook her favorite meal.

But when he discovers who Annie’s new guy is, he reverts back to his usual moody self and storms out of the house.

She’s planning to auction off the male hotties of West Bev, but her boyfriend Teddy makes a fool of himself during rehearsal—he insults their dance choreographer (the same student that Teddy had a drunken one night stand with) for being homosexual.