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Bob was able to sell-off two homes (no, not the permanently in limbo unfinished Chateau Sheree! As a result the trustee decided Bob could retain ownership of his primary Georgia home, firearms “hobby equipment” (whatever that is?), automobiles, and other valuables because they were worthless to the court.

Thankfully for Kandi, Kim and Kenya immediately got into it and pretty much everyone forgot that Kandi was in the basement too. It happened.” This makes me wish that part one of the reunion wasn’t aired and that they just got right to the good stuff.

Moving on to the reunion, Sheree shared, “I really can’t sleep the night before the reunion because you already know the shit is about to go down. You’re gonna have to rehash all of this stuff that you kind of maybe not want to talk about again, but you have to.” I’m sure most of the Housewives feel that way and it’s totally understandable. Sheree teased, “No one expected to hear that juicy tea that broke during the reunion.” Sheree didn’t get specific, but she did say, “Oh my god. Let’s be real, part one was pretty much just fluff and pretty much nothing shocking happened. When she was asked who had the hardest time at the reunion, Sheree said, “I would definitely say a couple people.

Well all of that is good for Bob, but bad, bad news for Sheree!

Sheree and Bob have long been at odds over finances – their contentious divorce was ruled by sleazy maneuvers and then a long drawn-out lawsuit fighting the prenup, followed by more time in court for unpaid child support. On January 12th the trustee filed papers deeming the case finished and all issues resolved, stating that after Bob sold the homes and other assets, and discharged some debt there was $171,500 remaining to divide among other outstanding creditors.

When I tell you tonight's episode is jaw-dropping!!! Bob, perhaps to show that he finds the criticism funny, retweeted a viewer’s tweet that warned Sheree to be careful about Bob.