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Meanwhile after the revelation, Channel 7 later issues a public statement to Daily Mail Australia, which read: "Kaitlyn is honest about her social website activity which happened several years ago during a very low point in her life."It continued: "As she rebuilt her life and came to terms with the heartbreaking loss of a treasured family member, Kaitlyn took control of mistakes she had made and tried to remove the offending vision that was no longer a truthful representation of her or her life".

Meanwhile even on the show, the star likes to shock, and Tuesday night's episode didn't disappoint with Kaitlyn and Michael headlining the drama.

Kaitlyn couldn't help but swoon over her new partner Michael, flirting openly with the father-of-two by the pool.

At the luxury mansion, she couldn't help herself but act seductive towards her new show partner saying, "If my nipples are hanging out, can you say pancake? " Michael said."Yeah cause they just pop out a lot and... But low and behold the American beauty couldn't contain herself and whipped out her nipple in which Michael then screamed, “PANCAKE!

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