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To download what you see in the table, hover over the spreadsheet icon in the top right corner of the table.Several columns have special features for the data they contain: The navigation panel can be used to scroll through pages of results.These responses usually originate from the occipital cortex, the area of the brain involved in receiving and interpreting visual signals.

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Nethradhama Super Speciality Eye Hospital, Jayanagar, Bangalore has the state-of-art facilities, cutting edge surgical techniques, excellent and experienced specialists with latest equipments and technologies in each of the Speciality clinics.

Forskere i Oslo og i Oxford i England har undersøkt hvordan folk sover.

Pie charts are shown detailing the proportion of consequence types called across all variants in the results.

The colour scheme of the pie chart matches the colours used to draw variants on the Ensembl region in detail view.

Det skriver nettstedet, ifølge nyhetsbyrået NTB.