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Some of my clients have been facing difficulties in choosing the correct certificate authority and in choosing whether they should use self signed certificates or certificates from third party CA’s.

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Every certificate in the certification path must be valid for the certificate to be valid.

Common symptoms of this issue include the following: The Remote Connectivity Analyzer has the ability to ignore the trust requirement during SSL certificate validation for most tests.

EV certificates use the same encryption as organization validated certificates and domain validated certificates: the increase in security is due to the identity validation process, which is indicated within the certificate by the policy identifier.

The criteria for issuing EV certificates are defined by the Guidelines for Extended Validation, currently (as of January 7, 2017) at version 1.6.1.

You’ve successfully published your Exchange 2016 services with Citrix Net Scalers but noticed that when you run the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer’s Exchange Active Sync test at, it fails at the Validating certificate trust for Windows Mobile devices. One of the reasons why this error would be thrown when the test is ran against a Net Scaler published Active Sync service is if the certificate used for the load balancing virtual server is not linked to the intermediate issuing certificate and/or the intermediate certificate is not linked to the issuing root certificate.