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The heart rejoices in love, romance, and a bright hopeful future with the person. Right is wrong for you because the heart only sees and feels the things you want to see and feel. It will tell you to run the hell away from a relationship that won't make you happy in the end. This guy makes me feel happier than I've ever felt in my life."Gut: "But just last week, you suspected he was with another woman."Heart: "I did not."Gut: "Yes you did. I can see it in his eyes and I feel it in his kiss.

It minimizes, defends and rationalizes anything negative in the relationship. The gut, on the other hand, has no problem telling you if the relationship or the person is wrong for you. If the heart and the gut were having a conversation, here's how it would go: Heart: "I'm so in love with this guy. Should I call your girlfriends and ask them to refresh your memory? He would never cheat on me." In last week's column, I wrote about my conflicted feelings on the "Dad Bod" and how people are celebrating the cuteness of men with larger midsections and less than perfectly sculpted arms.

This article from the Huffington Post revealed that 30% of now-divorced women knew that they shouldn’t be marrying their husbands as they walked down the aisle. The same could apply to any situation, really – just taking a moment to use this valuable tool we all have but underutilize.

One’s emotions can be helpful in pointing the way toward love—or as unreliable as a broken compass whose needle points in only one direction. Sometimes we can’t pinpoint the reason, but we just have a nagging sense about something or someone.

It got me thinking about the "Mom Bod," so I Googled the term and sure enough, I found several articles... In other words, with every relationship, we weigh the bad and the good, the positives and negatives and the pluses and minuses.