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The Internet Connection Wizard on the desktop led to the same dead end.After about 10 minutes of puzzlement the problem was solved by going to Start - Internet Connection Wizard. The upgrade of IE from v5 to v6 went smoothly, and after a reboot, I tried the Windows Update with the new IE v6. After clicking on "Scan for Updates", there was a brief pause while Windows checked for updates, and then the following: Clearly, things were working better, so I clicked on "Review and install updates" and proceeded to install all the "critical" updates. You should contact Fuji tech support to see if they have a driver for Win/98, or else consider upgrading to a newer version of Windows.(Freeware) Da Microsoft nie ein Servicepack für Windows 98 SE (Zweite Ausgabe) herausgebracht hat, haben wir deutsches Servicepack für Windows 98 SE Anwender erstellt.

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However, be careful that you're buying SE and not the old Windows 98: the SE packaging includes a red sticker that says "SECOND EDITION" on it, while the old version of Windows 98 includes a red sticker that says "NEW VERSION." Yes, it's confusing.

The Windows 98 Service Pack includes bug fixes (including Year 2000 fixes) to Windows 98 and Internet Explorer 4.0 but does not include any new features.

You’ll have to buy updated versions of your programs, and check to see if they can still open the same file formats used back in Windows 98.

Windows 98 only came out 12 years ago, but that’s several generations in computer time.

Achtung: Installieren Sie bitte nach der Novell-Client Installation den folgenden Fix!