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To run a database repair, click File in Content Manager, followed by one of the following two options: Quick Database Repair - This is the quicker option, but it is not as thorough as the Extended version.

This error indicates that there was a communication error with the patch server or possibly you do not have sufficient space on the driver you are downloading to. You can point your updated TANE SP2 to your old local data folder in Trainz Settings Install tab, then restart TANE. My build number xxxxx does not have a patch showing as available A.

Check you have sufficient space and click Retry to recommence the download. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q. If you have an SP1 Beta version installed, then use the change streams option to ensure your patcher can find the right stream to check for available patches.

DON'T worry if the sound doesn't work properly in TRS2006.

For example you can copy a list from the Content Manager dependecies Pop-up, here in TRS2010/TS12 : or from the dependecies window in TANE : and paste in the new text area in the search kuid form : After validation with Please note that the access to the Asset search is no more free.

This includes full validation of crawling results before updating the website database, checking and fix crawling problems, adapting crawling settings, real time helping the robot when hitting complicated Javascript, searching for new Trainz fan sites, answering messages, improving the web site, etc...