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-- pink-banana-fish ------------------------------------------------------------------------ pink-banana-fish's Profile: Basically, you would first just change all the repositories you current have to their 11.1 versions.

However, note that all the methods you describe are "in-place" upgrades of the software packages. As explained in the previous post, the DVD upgrade does what zypper dup or Ya ST does, plus a bit more.

We strongly insist you to backup all important data before starting the upgrade process.

Use the same steps as above, although you probably wouldn’t have to change any repos, just disable the Factory and go ahead with the upgrade!

Here’s a pic from my desktop after the upgrade: A word of caution: if you’re on low bandwidth / low speed connection, it’s better if you get the download the CD from your friend/LUG and do a fresh install.

Cannot use DVD as I get this error 'Cannot access installation media(Medium 1). sorry i gave you the link to upgrade or compile a mistake edit:you can follow the link you already posted in post #1.describes how to build and install. I have downloaded , bz2 I dont know if it is right. bamtoy For one reason or another, that is not the problem that you are trying to cure first.

I have done 'cd bz2' Did a 'make' and 'make install'. The problem that you are trying to cure first is to install a different kernel, whether that this helps with this problem, or not.

First let us check whether the update repository exists and enabled.