Updating a gold frame

The frame project started with my bedroom makeover a few months ago. Plus I’ve updated a few pieces of artwork, but even if you do a direct comparison it makes all of the artwork look better and frankly higher end.

To see how I created the gallery wall for this room, check out this post Create a Gallery Wall That Looks Like a Designer Did It! Without priming, you can repaint just about any picture frame. The frames I’ve painted have been metal and wood – stained and painted. Champagne Gold trades up the entire look of the gallery wall.

updating a gold frame-5

I plan to refinish the grout in a few more days after some more scrubbing!

I’m not giving up on trying to find a way to get it off without refinishing it.

This is a little hard for me to admit because I worked for Valspar for over 5 years, but I don’t love their spray paint where fast dry time are important.

It covers beautifully, but dries EXTREMELY slowly which means letting it dry overnight between each coat.

I have been itching…itching to update a few things in my kitchen – mostly to update a brass light fixture that hangs over my table. The light fixture in my kitchen is not quite the same, but I knew I could spray paint the brass on mine white to start giving my kitchen the light and airy feel I am after.