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Over the last two decades many new immunotherapy approaches to the treatment of cancer have entered clinical development due to the increased understanding of the mechanisms of antigen presentation, lymphocyte recognition, functions of the innate immune system, and the means of regulation of these responses and the means by which tumors can circumvent these responses.

Many of these investigations have led to agents approved for standard clinical use, including infusional cytokine therapies for melanoma or renal cell cancer, intravesical BCG therapy for bladder cancer, and most recently an active cellular therapy targeting prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP, sipuleucel-T, Provenge, Dendreon) for patients with advanced metastatic prostate cancer.

You may also want to browse patient reviews posted online by individuals Dr. Tri-Athlete and LASIK patient“For eight years glasses and contacts were a part of my daily routine.

Last year I started triathlon training and realized that contacts and racing did not complement one another.

Prostate cancer is the most common noncutaneous cancer, and new cases now account for a full third of all male cancer diagnoses and 10% of all deaths [1].