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Midway between the iconic Big Bend region and big Texas cities to the east lies a fascinating place of rugged beauty, world-class hunting, hiking and camping, river paddling, the state’s oldest winery and a priceless Texas treasure — ancient Native American rock art.

This area surrounds Del Rio on the Rio Grande and is accessed via U. Highway 90, the more interesting alternative to Interstate 10 for those heading west.

Port Director Mike Perez, who has worked at the bridge since 1979, says that previous school administrators occasionally came to the bridge with clipboards jotting down students’ names. Customs and Border Protection agents—at Cooper’s request—had counted the number of school-age children crossing on Monday, Sept. On Monday mornings, families typically return to Del Rio after spending the weekend with relatives in Ciudad Acuña. Cooper said the situation was “out of control.” “When we have vans with Coahuila license plates dropping kids off at elementary schools and a report that says hundreds of kids are coming across,” Cooper told a reporter, “we have a problem.

But “it hadn’t been done for a few years,” he says. I’ve never seen that done before.” headlined its story “District Cracks Down on ‘Illegal’ Students.” Cooper told the paper that a census taken two day earlier had provoked the crackdown. With these kinds of numbers, it was out of control. (I)t was right in our face.” What wasn’t explained in the story was that all 500 children that crossed that Monday were either U. citizens, Legal Permanent Residents or had valid student visas to attend private schools in Del Rio.

We timed our trip to coincide with the annual Rock Art Foundation Rendezvous, a cornucopia of prehistoric art tours to intriguing places you can’t reach otherwise.