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The multimillionaire comic even did his best to keep Birkitt, a graduate of Benjamin Cardozo Law School, on his payroll.

Birkitt later tried to use the generous offer to persuade Halderman to have children with her, saying she would bring in the bucks in her new job and he could stay home as a Mr. Halderman exploded when he read Birkitt’s diary in December and learned that she was still carrying on a steamy affair with Letterman, the sources said.

The bombshell details in the sensational case emerged as Letterman returned to the “Late Show” set for the first time since Thursday, when he stunned his audience by revealing he had had sexual affairs with female staffers and allegedly had been the target of a related $2 million extortion plot by Halderman.

Chip Zdarsky’s writing never wavers, and Erica Henderson’s art gives slouchy teenagers and possibly evil adults beautiful, nuanced expressions and vivid body language.

Former TV and radio host Mike Bullard, seen in 2015, told the Star this week that the charges, and losing his job, have hit him hard. The five charges — criminal harassment, obstruction of justice and breaching conditions to stay away from the woman — were laid in three batches between September and November.

At the time, Birkitt, 34, insisted to Halderman that she and the 62-year-old Letterman had just “a platonic relationship,” a source said.