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Successive hurricanes have destroyed most of the older buildings but it has plenty of West Indies charm, a Saturday-morning fruit and vegetable market, a Catholic church, central square, a couple of banks and a number of small stores to explore.

SULPHUR SPRINGS The Sulphur Springs are on the Vieux Fort road, past Stonefield Estate and the entrance to the Jalousie Hilton: you will smell them before you see them.

MORE: Kim Zolciak Literally Pimps out Her Daughter, Offers Her ~Services~ for John Legend Tickets Most recently, Kenya threw some shade at Kim Zolciak, who announced her return to Season 10.

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Beautifully maintained gardens with waterfall and mineral baths fed by hot springs originally built in 1784 for the troops of King Louis XVI of France. A recreated Plantation museum with guided tours and horse-riding.

Tour groups arrive at about 11am; get there at 10am, or after 2pm for a more peaceful guided tour (which can be privately arranged). SCUBA ST LUCIA (00 1 7; email: [email protected]).

We were sitting in a conference room at ELLE's office with her husband and St. "I think it's good just to do your own thing, be your own person," she went on. Lucia (rounded out by Nick Brown, Ross Clark, and Nick Paul), and she just celebrated her one-year marriage anniversary to Grobler (though they've been a couple for 11 years). When asked how that notorious first year of marriage went, she admitted that it was the hardest 12 months she's ever had.

"In terms of just the pressure we felt, from everywhere," she explained.

Enquiries already made by officers indicate that Augustin has not travelled on beyond the UK.