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reports their comments when they related while walking between two clubs, they were warned by a bouncer not to go down a particular street, to do so “would be your death”. every time a hand went away, already arrived the next… Having been assaulted under her dress, her hair pulled, and finally thrown to the ground, Lotta met up with her friends, who had all been treated similarly by other groups of men.

Despite the warning Lotta and her girlfriends walked down the road but became separated by the men. The girl told , as well as an unspecified number of other “mostly young women” victims.

With an interest in endosymbiosis, and an experimental handle on the topic — molecular evolution — I became very interested in the origin of mitochondria and the nature of the host that acquired the mitochondrion. This led to questions like what kind of archaeon that host might have been, exactly, or what the nature of its physiological interaction with the ancestral mitochondrion at the onset of that symbiosis was. PDF Maier U-G, Zauner S, Woehle C, Bolte K, Hempel F, Allen JF, Martin WF: Massively convergent evolution for ribosomal protein gene content in plastid and mitochondrial genomes.

I wanted to know more, but the literature only offered so much in the way of ideas to test.

His mild manners and soft-spoken courteousness placed him above suspicion, and to most people he appeared to be totally harmless.