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Teen Council is part of a larger network of peer education programs called Teen Prevention Education Program (Teen PEP).

Teen PEP is a collaboration between Hi Tops, New Jersey Department of Health, and the Center for Supportive Schools. Throughout the year, Teen Council conducts workshops in middle schools, high schools, community-based organizations, and juvenile detention centers throughout the state of New Jersey.

They attend the Teen PEP class daily (or the equivalent) where they receive the information about sexual health and the skills needed to facilitate innovative prevention outreach workshops on a variety of sexual health issues, including: unintended pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), homophobia reduction, dating violence, date rape, sexual harassment and related issues.

Once peer educators master the information and skills needed to educate others, they conduct structured and scripted outreach workshops, under the supervision of their faculty advisors.

Teen PEP is based on the peer-to-peer education model developed by the Princeton Center and the nationally recognized sexual health curriculum developed by Hi TOPS, Inc.