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The News 4 I-Team found that while state regulators are working to upgrade their safety inspection program for fair rides, some say there are systemic problems that need to be addressed.Last month, dozens of people had to be rescued from Cummins Falls after the water rose three feet in three minutes..

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Musicologist Dale Cockrell argues that the song represents a transition between early minstrel music and the more European-style songs of minstrelsy's later years.

Other verses appear that do not go along with the main narrative.

Today it is a bluegrass and country music standard. In exaggerated Black Vernacular English, the lyrics tell of Dan Tucker's exploits in a strange town, where he fights, gets drunk, overeats, and breaks other social taboos.

Minstrel troupes freely added and removed verses, and folk singers have since added hundreds more. The song falls into the idiom of previous minstrel music, relying on rhythm and text declamation as its primary motivation.

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