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(I have been completely through the Unsolved Mysteries website). The girl was going to testify against him that she was raped. Marvin Gabrion is the guy's name, the mother and daughter, Rachel and Shannon Verhage. Since her homelife was horrible, Rachel moved in with Shannon's paternal grandparents. Just before the date of the rape trial, Rachel and Shannon disappeared.

Before trial She was suppossed to be out on a date and never returned home. Evidentally the guy she went out with is missing as well as her baby daughter was also missing. Six weeks later, Rachel was raped by Marvin Gabrion. Rachel was mending things with her family, and had moved in with her father.

It then allegedly happened again, this time the girl was injured and reported the assault.

The suit reports school officials allegedly told the girl and her mother that the assault was "horseplay" and there was nothing the district could do about it.

A then 15-year-old girl claims that in 2014, a boy started slamming a locker door into her.