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Astute foodie travellers would do well to add Serbia to their itineraries, as I discovered during a five-day trip around the former Yugoslavian state to sample the country's cuisine.Serbia is set at the heart of the Balkans and a rich array of regional flavours, spices and traditions now meet in the country's menus.

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Early on, Serbs may have been influenced by the Paleo-Balkan peoples.

The Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire had a great influence on the culture; Serbs were initially governing the Byzantine frontiers in the name of the Emperor and were later through their sworn alliance given independence and baptized by Byzantine Greek missionaries, adopting the Cyrillic alphabet based on Greek.

The culture flourished from 1718 in parts under the Habsburg Empire.

Following autonomy after the Serbian Revolution and eventual independence, the culture of Serbia could be re-strengthened within its nation.

I am a single American moving alone to Belgrade in next few weeks. I would love to get to know and perhaps seriously date a nice local girl.