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Any suggestions on something quick, simple, and moderately effective that I could implement? Installing is actually non-trivial as you need to add it to a registry key - but the key depends on how many other addins they have installed. ) an installer at one point - I can look in there for what I did - I think it was basically iterate through the relevant keys until you find the next empty one...

I wonder if there isn't something that you could do so that they just open up the addin and run a macro/menu item that then adds itself to the addins list through the Excel object model?

I have a code that initially sets Screen Updating to False, but in the middle of the code it calls another subroutine and for some reason it actually shows me some (not all) actions (ie, when it selects a new sheet I get to see that). Here is a simplified version of the code Option Explicit Sub Check_Input Data() Application.

I have been following Screen Updating Property through Debug.

I have an Excel Add-In that I want to make available for sale.