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The Genomics Data Miner (GMine) server is freely available at: Genomics Data Miner is an easy-to-use online software, allowing non expert users to mine, cluster and compare multidimensional biomolecular datasets.

Various powerful visualization techniques are provided, generating high quality figures that can readily be used in scientific articles.

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In contrast to most other plotting functions, changing the size of the graphics device will often change the position of the points.

The plotting characters and colors can be controlled in two ways.

The bee swarm plot is a one-dimensional scatter plot like "stripchart", but with closely-packed, non-overlapping points.

A dot chart or dot plot is a statistical chart consisting of data points plotted on a fairly simple scale, typically using filled in circles.

# realtime stripchart $Hz Hz package require Tk package require BLT namespace import blt::* # vector and stripchart are blt components.