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I was encouraged and gifted to receive MFA from Yale and did experiments in immunology at Penn. No need to keep him in support as whatever he is in shines just because he is onscreen.strong light Amaselu USA I am grateful I could watch you and I have never written to a celebrity before. Fill up the Leader board no more support roles he can do anything .When my landlady put up a wall and told me I no longer had space to work, I had shock. Everytime his scenes comeout I will smile and laugh cause how someone so funny act such a serious face likke that. I watched "The Moon Embracing The Sun" and I know he is a good actor.

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Jae rim is a promising and talented Korean actor, mature and charming character; really a perfect man to be married! Song Jaelim totally deserves to be a male lead in a drama and I hope they start showing the more playful side of his personality because that's closer to who he really is (people who watched WGM will understand). Handsome, sexy, talented, romantic, and a perfect gentleman! I made 3 wonderful women because of you and Kim So Eun. I've watched all of Inspiring Generation and fell in love with MO II HWA!

Running Man es un programa de variedades coreano del canal SBS, el cual se transmite cada domingo.

In 2008, she appeared in SS501's song "A Song Calling For You" music video before debuting as a "Rainbow" member.

In the year 2010, She became a cast member in the variety television show "Honey Jar".

[INFO] 160317 First ep of ' Beauty Bible 2016 S/S' w/ MC Jessica & beauty mentor Rainbow Jaekyung will air on April 2 Pbm XVj0e — Girl Group Zone!