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But the numbers do bring some interesting questions to mind, and could signify real patterns in the larger poly community.Since the official research on polyamory is pretty limited, most of what we know about it comes from sources within the community—such as Dedeker Winston, a poly dating coach with Multiamory.

Polyamory dating bay area

Social groups and mailing lists that include social event planning are listed here by geographic location. Many regional polyamory groups are listed on Yahoo Groups -- try this search on polyamory. (See below.) Meet helps people meet other people who share their interests.

Each interest group meets on a specific day of the month at locations that the group members vote on.

If there’s a polyamory gene, we haven’t discovered it yet.

But according to a press release issued by a new polyamory dating site, a person’s career choice might indicate a certain proclivity to trying out open relationships.

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