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The season might have ended but the bargains never will, here at France’s largest luxury and fashion outlet where 112 boutiques offer end-of-season pieces at prices that will rock every shopper’s wallet.

While the Louis Vuitton brand is the world’s most sought-after fashion, the store here, which is also its largest, boasts of an outstanding interior filter façade and its oversized atrium that are worth a visit on its own.

They braked so hard they destroyed the main landing gear tires and wheels, but the aircraft ran off the end of the runway. The left undercarriage failed and a fire broke out from fuselage.

Three flight attendants initially survived the disaster.

See more » ] African Aid Summit prep meeting with the Foreign Minister tomorrow at noon, Summit Conference on Wednesday, G8 Undersecretary conference dinner on Thursday, and a reception for the Secretary of State Friday, sir.

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Even though the aircraft had already exceeded the maximum speed at which the takeoff could be safely aborted within the remaining runway length, the flight crew had no other choice and attempted to abort the take off.