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In one case last year, a divorced woman who was about to retire from her professional job lost nearly HK million to a fraudster who cultivated an online romance.Confirming nine cases of online romance scams in the first three months of this year, Chief Inspector Tsang Chun-kit, of the commercial crime bureau, called the trend "alarming"."This means fraudsters are getting more sophisticated in establishing relationships and trust," he said.

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Online dating scams singapore

Jimmy had become a victim of an online credit-for-sex scam and had no choice but to report the case to the police.

In the first half of 2015, people in Singapore lost S$1.59 million in such scams, as well as S$3.7 million in Internet love scams.

Online romance scammers last year stole more than HK$30 million from love-struck victims who shared too much personal information on social networking websites, according to Hong Kong police.

In nearly 90 per cent of the 61 cases that happened from 2013 to March this year, the victims were female.

Wanbao said that a person claiming to be selling concert tickets on e-commerce platform Carousell disappeared after a buyer transferred $900 into her account.

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