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'It ended badly, she cheated on me to put it bluntly,' he told The Mirror.

'I saw the texts from the other guy on the phone.' He added: 'There was a lot of drama. It was toxic and it took me months to get over her.

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Parenting is hard enough without the added havoc that it can bring to a once-flourishing love life.

But according to Australian sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein there are some simple tricks that can help re-ignite the passion once a couple has children.'First, you need to give yourself a break.

And by break, I mean stop trying to be perfect, parenting is hard enough,' Nikki wrote for Body and Soul.'Once you take the pressure of things outside of the bedroom, things in the bedroom might feel manageable.'According to Nikki, in the early days of parenthood, it's important for couples to consider alternatives to simply having sex.'Instead of penetration sex, think of ways you can touch, as touching releases similar hormones to sex.