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During the eight years that they’ve been a couple—they met in bundled-up circumstances, while skiing, also in Vermont—they’ve managed to make the most of those opportunities (especially Phil).

Her brunette locks were styled in perfect beach waves.

A couple of days prior, Liz posted a throwback photo from her Maldives vacation last year.

Her goal for them is summed up in the title of her 2001 book: "Feel Good Naked." It's not about naked for naked's sake, she says it's about the amazing confidence that comes with being at ease in your own skin.

DEBORAH WAY: Let's be clear here: You're not advocating some kind of nudist revolution, correct? 9 ways to work your curves WAY: Getting over our horror of our bodies must make things better in the bedroom. What's sexy in the bedroom is when you love your stuff, when you want to share it with your partner.

In the pic,she wore a figure-flattering navy blue one-piece that showed off her slim waistline.