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“We are experimenting and learning new ways of creating content that will engage our fans and tell stories that are completely different than what we have done on any other platforms in the past.” Miller says the game has a very broad demographic of fans, which range from animation enthusiasts to casual and serious gamers.

According to Christopher Waldron, vice president of Cartoon Network Digital, the development team combined things like spatial sound, camera perspective, choice of game mechanics, and level design to drive player exploration in this virtual reality world.“The creators are all early adopters and enthusiasts in this space themselves and have a reputation for re-inventing storytelling, so during key phases of development we provided builds for them to review and give feedback,” Waldron says.

Users initially played the game as the Iraqi army (pictured)Egyptian media said that the video is meant to 'raise the morale of the Mujahideen, and the training of children and young teenagers to fight the West, and throw terror into the hearts of opponents of the state', according to Forbes.