New girl nuber mobiel 2014 - Nsarraycontroller selection not updating

The World Facts project uses a Core Data store to hold a list of Country objects containing some common facts about each country such as its capital, population, area, etc.The Core Data store is created on startup from a plist file.Download source Let's get started with properties We add a couple of properties first.

But perhaps the expectations are different in the context of data binding.

So the bug here would be to ensure that a data-bound .

There is a fix for this unfortunate behavior: get the values when they are initially set, save them to persistent attributes (which you need to inform Interface Builder about) and then ignore any attempt in Interface Builder to set your options to binding has the "section Content Key", "row Display Key", "section Header Data Key" and "section Row Sort Key" values filled in, so the Column View will know where to find the rows for each section, the object used to display the row, the name for each section and the sort order for each section respectively.

The The final Column View Sample project shows a Master-Detail-style interface, constructed with almost no code.

Last time, I focussed on designing a view for use with bindings in code and didn't look at integrating that effort with Interface Builder.