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She even interviews the girls while they watch, so you get a full perspective from the clothed female.

It’s fantastic Cfnm fodder, for sure, and I think that Cfnm Watchers will definitely become something that all people into this type of Cfnm will want to check out.

Be sure to check out these vids as well as Cfnm Watchers and let me know what you think in the comment section!

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I think many of you are lucky that you have never been abused by your MTSO, but a lot of us HAVE! (You can't fire a slave, a slave has to be sold.) Many of us support ourselves and/or a family out of necessity and this is not a second income.

We put up with this stuff because it is easier than being hungry and homeless. I have screwed out of my lines because they thought I was doing too well so they refigured how they count my lines and I made less.

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