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But that the update adds this text into the firmware is enough to make Wii U owners antsy.Miiverse became a beloved platform for elaborate works of art, hilarious commentary (and non-sequiturs), and game tricks and tips.Wii U software, user data and Wii-related items can be transferred.

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This page contains information on the various system updates released for the Nintendo Switch.

The latest updates are listed first, and contain instructions for how to use the new features of each update.

I'm told I don't have enough free space in the system memory for the update, which I don't think much of since I use a 1TB external hard drive for storing all my games.

Then I go to Data Management and realize that the existing Smash update data (1926 MB worth) is saved on my Wii U's memory for some reason.

I actually tried contacting Nintendo support first and they weren't able to provide any solution outside of generic ones that didn't help, so I'm just hoping someone else has encountered this and solved it.