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I'm only open to meaningful, honest, and exclusive relationships with like minded people.

Hi, I'm victor by name, I'm not here to seek for rice or poor lady,but I'm here to seek for she that has love,care,tolerance,trust,vision,and above all respect,not just for me ,but both to God and humanity,if you believe that as a lady,you got those above features,and you believe that i and you can date or further more lead 2 marriage,you can take a step be calling me with( 2347033235192),,,,but i must have to warn any lady that will call me,,, I'm not a rice guy, I'm just a poor guy from nigeria, EMAIL - [email protected] name is Carla Adams.

I believe God has set aside my man Iam God fearing woman who trust in God I have trusted him for my partner Iam humble,loving,kind,faithful learning daily to walk in God's way.i have 3 kids 2grown ups and 1 teenager.

Composed ,friendly, affectionate, very gentle and humble straightforwardwoman.walking on straight and narrow. I need a partner who fears the God and able to love cherish ,hold and lead a very submissive born again woman.

Police in Nairobi have also seized bomb ingredients from two young men who were stopped during a routine patrol, according to a police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity Saturday.