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The Band’s presence will add impact to your function.

The band is well-turned-out with its members wearing distinctive wine-coloured dinner jackets, white shirts and bow ties, and with red and gold banners decorating the music stands.

Academic singles is a new site, run by an established company.

Registration is open and free at the moment, and while there are still a couple of teething problems on-site, mostly centered around design, we feel it is an excellent opportunity to get in early and make the most of the service in its early days!

A high standard of conduct is expected of all the Band members.

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    If you're looking for a place to jump in a big group of people who are chatting away and having a good time for free, you've come to the right spot.

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    In fact, while few students will cop to having sexted—loosely defined as having sent a sexual photo, video, or text message via cell phone—a greater number will admit to having received, or at least viewed, someone else's sext.

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    The challenge could be running across the right person at the right time since the chat room option tends to be quieter than one might expect on a site with so many users.

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    We thus provide an extension to XQuery, which maps each of the XUpdate instructions to a corresponding XQuery expression.