Kyuhyun and park bom dating

Yeah, that one still hasn’t been topped this year yet, and that romance felt like some sort of dream come true for Seung Gi who has publicly stated that Yoona was his dream girl. The second shocker is that Hyoyeon, who has been in the news this week for some negative press involving her supposedly horsing around with a male “friend” and striking him in the face and the dude then went to the police station to file a report only to then retract it and chalk it all up to good natured joking among friends.

That was followed a few weeks later of the long rumored but finally confirmed relationship between Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung, a romance that blossomed due to their Christian background and common church activities. Turns out Hyoyeon’s “friend” is in fact her boyfriend of two years, a writer by the name of Kim Jun Hyung, but their relationship status is currently either “broken up” or “on hiatus” due to the whole police report incident.

A Super Junior fansite ex-administrator revealed that she knew of Sungmin’s relationship prior to the public announcement and expressed her unhappiness with his quick decision to get married.

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Everyone but Kyuhyun was talking to Hani EXTENSIVELY, like the other guests got annoyed that it was all Hani, but Kyuhyun has a gag order, all sm artists do, even if they reportedly have a good relationship with jyj like Kyuhyun is supposed to have.

That's why it was uncomfortable, the other hosts even tried to force Kyuhyun to congratulate Hani and he couldn't Hara was never caught dating a member of JYJ.

K-pop fans often engage in creative and productive fan activity, but sometimes they don’t and media is always there to capture it.

Nothing stirs up the spectre of the “obsessed K-pop fan” like a “scandal.” As we know, K-pop fans are diverse, but the kind of recent “scandals” experienced by Park Bom (of 2NE1) and Sulli (of f(x)) shed some light on the role cultural context and media plays in global fans’ understanding of “scandal.” Unlike global fans, Korean K-pop fans experience K-pop within the context of Korean culture and their responses are captured by Korean media.

Because of their proximity to the K-pop scene, the displeasure of Korean fans can affect change beyond the control of the Korean agencies.