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The first 25 entries are the current list (each letter of the alphabet, by artist, gets one entry) My rules for alphabetizing may be different than yours (plus I could have a mistake on my spreadsheet so something may have gotten alphabetized strangely) so you might have to look a couple of places to find something like the "Marshall Tucker Band").

The first number is the song's rank (as of April, 2016 or date added if it has a *).

John Arthur [ John ], Graeme Green [ Roger ], Warren Armstrong [ Peter ], Walter Mc Monagle [ Mr Fowler ], Alan Granton [ Driver ], Terry Mason [ Workman ], John Sessions [ Barney Spitz ], Garry Roost [ Leslie ], Patrick Field [ Ralph ], Louise Papillon [ Doctor ], Roger Hume [ Percy ], Paul Mc Cleary [ Reporter ], Mark Audley [ Policeman ] Harry retires from the fire brigade and Ken is invalided out after his lungs are damaged while rescuing a boy from a fire. Ken buys a caravan, The Ponderosa, and tries to make a living as a market gardener.

Harry suggests that Ken should supplement his income by offering to do odd-jobs for people - he places an advert in the local paper.

Miller B Killer Elite (2011) Yvonne Strahovski B Know Thy Enemy (2009) Susie Abromeit B La Boheme (1926) S?