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Ifans said: "It's not an attack on Shakespeare, it's quite the opposite.

"It's a celebration of his work, and anyone who sees this film, if it encourages young people, or anyone, to revisit these plays, then it's very important.

At 5ft 9in, she is Amazonian compared with the average Hollywood waif.

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It was one of those moments when he must have wished he'd kept his mouth shut.

Days after publicly describing girlfriend Joely Richardson as the love of his life, Jamie Theakston learned last night that the actress had dumped him.

But even the most level-headed actress can go a bit bonkers on a photo shoot. There are moments in Nip/Tuck where there's a side shot of me and I think, 'Look at the size of that nose!

She studies the digital images of herself with a critical eye. '" With her strange, arresting beauty Richardson is a genuine one-off.

"But there's absolutely no evidence to prove that William Shakespeare of Stratford was the author of these plays.

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