Joe jonas dating

His brother Nick was also on the yacht with the rest of the band, even taking photos for guitarist Jin Joo Lee.

Either way, I have a feeling that Joe – if he is gay – will never, ever come out, at least not in the coming years.

He seems to think that it will affect his image, not realizing that in today’s day and age, not many people care anymore. Will Joe Jonas be the Lance Bass of this decade of boy bands?

Are you ready for one of the strangest celebrity pairings since Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin?

Joe Jonas and Nicki Minaj both posted a steamy photo of themselves about to lock lips, and everyone is freaking out.

The Jonas Brothers appear in a new issue of Out Magazine, and although they’ve always fielded questions about their sexuality, they seem more open to maybe-possibly admitting that they don’t mind being called gay.