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Albert Schweitzer ( Nobel per la pace,1952) When man learns to respect the little creatures , whether animal or vegetable, do not need anyone to teach him to love his neighbor.

(himself found in the street one year ago) take care of him like is son. ------------------------------------------------------Leave a comment if you appreciate this picture. Albert Schweitzer (Nobel Peace Prize, 1952)" View large A CIPPINA Quando l'uomo imparerà a rispettare le creature minori, siano animali o vegetali, non occorrerà che nessuno gli insegni ad amare il suo simile.

Well, let's ask a question right off - are the couples you see dating or are they married?

I think people date lots of different people (increasingly, people of different races) before settling down.

Now, who they settle down with is a separate question from who they date.

In 2011, studies showed that interracial dating — a practice that was basically illegal only 40 years ago — was a rising practice.

Interracial dating in this day and age shouldn’t be a big deal but it remains a popular topic when it comes to relationships.