Ideal dating

Where once we were limited to settings such as school, work, social gatherings or local night spots, there is a much wider choice at hand online."The psychology employed by humans choosing a mate can definitely be environmentally sensitive and the nature of online dating is triggering changes in underlying preferences and decision behavior of those involved.Sadly, dating apps are not built on this principle. But that addictive quality often results in quick burnout.

As the British summertime begins to draw to a close, it’s time to make the most of those warm, long evenings and explore the city around you before Autumn approaches.

So whether you’re searching for your soul mate or a summer fling, there is something about being outdoors in the sunshine that puts everyone in the mood for a summer romance.

Despite having a very clear 'wish list' stating their preference for potential ideal matches, most online daters contact people bearing no resemblance to the characteristics they say they want in a mate, according to QUT research.

The finding was revealed in the 'Preference vs Choice in Online Dating' study conducted by QUT behavioural economists Stephen Whyte and Professor Benno Torgler.

However, it doesn’t represent women’s preferences at all.