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As tech behemoths and a wave of start-ups double down on virtual assistants that can chat with human beings, writing for AI is becoming a hot job in Silicon Valley.Behind Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana are not just software engineers.The Bitmoji app brings a new look to the emoji, allowing for the creation of cartoon avatars.“I love how I can have entire discussions using just bitmojis,” says fan Disha Raychaudhuri, a student from the University of Southern California.

- A meeting of Microsoft Cortana’s writing team – which includes a poet, a novelist, a playwright, and a former tv writer.

Leading the meeting is Deborah Harrison, Senior Content Developer, who talks with Chris O’Connor, also a Senior Content Developer, to her left.

I’m a tech entrepreneur, so it’s not surprising I chose this theme.

But there was something unusual about this sci-fi story — my protagonist was a dark-skinned Indian girl, like me. Would anyone read a sci-fi story with a dark-skinned, female protagonist?

Unfortunately, Melone believes that clicking the screen at the wrong moment caused her smiling sausage friend to be moved offscreen when the shopping cart came by.