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To boot, the Atlanta-based brothers have made a tidy business selling T-shirts featuring their creations. Matt: He's like the really dumb captain of the football team, the clueless figurehead. Even if he's mean to you, he doesn't know it.

Wired News interviewed the twenty-something Chapman brothers, with contributor Melissa Palmer, who is the voice of Marzipan. And when you're mean to him, he can hardly imagine it because why would anyone be mean to someone? Mike: He's really nice; he's nice to nerds.

Homestar Runner: What in Pete Sampras is going on here? Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, Coach Z, Bubs, Marzipan, The King of Town: Decemberween, Decemberween... Strong Bad: Okay, Poopsmith, that's the worst costume I ever saw. What, are you supposed to be dressed up as the product? Strong Bad: Yeah, and the Poopsmith's not smelling any rosier, neither. [He finally makes it out the front door, naked; he groans] Homestar Runner: And now, I ran out of the house naked somehow.

Decemberween, Decemberween, you're 55 days after Halloween! Decemberween, Decemberween, you're 55 days after Halloween! Decemberween, Decemberween, you're 55 days after Halloween! Homestar Runner: I bought Strong Bad a "Deep Impact"! [He grooves around a little] Homestar Runner: I really have to pee. [He opens the door and falls down the stairs to crashing noises] Homestar Runner: Oh, crap, I fell down the stairs.

Melissa Palmer became involved with Homestar when she became involved with Mike Chapman.

She is the voice – and the persona – for Marzipan, the only girl on Homestar (Strong Bad's own comic excepted).

When we started, it was going to be centered around Homestar, and for the most part the early cartoons were. I'd say the dynamic between Strong Bad and Strong Sad, his baby brother, the depressed one – there's a little bit of me and Mike in there, obviously very exaggerated. Matt: He's the adorable, evil sidekick, sort of the whipping boy, not a generic whipping boy because he knows he's the whipping boy and gets pissed off about it, so he's a little more proactive.