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The biggest reason the Rangers believe they can hold off the Lightning in the series decider and move onto their second Stanley Cup finals in two seasons is they have Lundqvist. Lundqvist is as smart and accommodating as athletes come, and he tried his best after Thursday’s practice to explain his success in the clutch. But frankly, the answers they threw out -- their usual ones, about how hard Lundqvist works, how hotly competitive he is, and how comprehensively he prepares for and visualizes each game -- still left you wanting to know more.And that’s where a lengthy but fascinating breakdown by Stephen Valiquette, Lundqvist’s former teammate with the Rangers and now a hockey analyst, comes in.: What were some lessons you learned from the Olympics? You don’t get that many opportunities to represent your country in the Olympics. Because it was a nine-hour difference, it was important to get sleep early on to get into the proper time rhythm. I felt like I got into the rhythm fast, which helped me perform on the ice. In the summer, we work out a lot harder in the gym, go running and biking, and I like to play a lot of tennis. Tennis is good for me because you get the quickness and movement from side to side and is similar to how I move on the ice.

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“All the things that most goalies do really well, he does really well.

Right around the league average.“But he’s abnormal in two areas. And the screens.”By broken plays, Valiquette generally means when Lundqvist is expecting the puck to come at him on one path and then, for whatever reason -- because of a deflection, because of a second shot off a rebound or loose puck, or just because this is hockey, damn it -- things often crazily stray from the script.

Run me through a typical training day during the season.

During the season, we will do squats and core strengthening in the gym.

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