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However, if there’s one celebrity who has been safe from these rumours, especially in recent years, it has got to be Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul.

The idol, who is celebrating his 34th birthday today, is known to be close with numerous celebrities, including female idols and actresses.

Jung Yunho - fierce pop idol and South Korea's sweetheart is being threatened by an unknown stalker.

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The students of the show will go through 11-week training and the top students will be debuting in a girl group after graduation.

Numerous celebrities have been confirmed to make appearances on the show such as Super Junior's Heechul and veteran actor Lee Soon Jae as teachers and much more.

This will prove to be the most challenging job Changmin has ever faced because he really never counted on falling in love.

Super Junior's member Heechul revealed a picture taken with Bo A.

Lets see how this new show will be different from P101 and many global shows like that.