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I agree that some messages may sound funny or strange but I think not every Ukrainian or Russian girl knows English well enough to explain and express her thoughts.

When I was chatting with a a good-looking girl, I tried to start a deeper conversation but she couldn't answer all my questions.

No up front explanation on how much time my money got or what I truly was paying for. There are a lot of functions and filters to select women who you are attracted to.

Waste of time & money & I believe many are hired or women looking to get out of Russia. It helps to save time and avoid useless dates with women who are only interested in money and sugar daddies.

I’ve seen this posted 3 times today in my FB feed and feel it needs to be dispelled ———————— The Key to Success for Those Who Are Inheriting America in 13 Easy Steps! The baby daddy in this scenario (one who can afford to buy his own house) would probably be far better off financially if he simply lived in the house with his girlfriend, or rented it out to someone other than his girlfriend.