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But it also sounds a lot like the storyline of an episode that aired 10 years ago on another Manhattan-focused comedy: .

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Still upset with Steve, she tells Big bluntly that marriage ruins everything. Big changes his mind and catches up with Carrie in an attempt to reconcile in the middle of a one-way street.

On the wedding day, (partially due to Miranda's words at the rehearsal dinner) Big is too fearful to go through with the ceremony. Carrie furiously attacks him with her bouquet while he earns scathing looks from Miranda and Charlotte, as well as from the crowds of New Yorkers watching the scene unfold.

This is just the latest plotline 's first season follows the same pattern: soon after he becomes her boss, Jack Donaghy tells Liz Lemon he's going to set her up with someone special—who turns out to be a woman.